Full Stack Software Engineer (ruby On Rails / React), Canada, Event Temple

Canada, Canada
Published 2022-07-14
Expires 2022-08-14
ID #1085806108
Full Stack Software Engineer (ruby On Rails / React), Canada, Event Temple
Canada, Canada,
Published July 14, 2022

Job details:

Job type: Full time
Contract type: Permanent
Salary type: Monthly
Occupation: Full stack software engineer (ruby on rails / react)
Work from home:

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We are seeking a full-stack software engineer to join our company in Downtown, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Our ideal candidate has a background in computer science and engineering and has at least 3 years experience developing web applications. This role is open to candidates based in Canada and is remote friendly.

Your key responsibilities are:

• Play a leadership role by living our values openly

• Participate in code reviews and pair programming

• Improve our developer tools, tests, processes, and technology

• Work with stakeholders to flesh out requirements and communicate tradeoffs in solution

• Learn and innovate on new ideas by continually looking to improve how we work

• Plan and build product features that directly impact our customers.

Are We the Right Fit for You?

• You’re looking for an alternative to the corporate abyss.

• You want a place where your ideas matter and have a significant impact.

• You value freedom and you want to play on a winning team, with others who feel the same way.

• Most of all, you want to help build a future where there are more events, travel and experiences, not less.

• It's this long-term, bigger picture that makes you feel both inspired and engaged.


• Show us what you've built for fun

• Show us what you've built that has real users

• A CS or Math degree is a bonus

• You care more about "what is true" than being right

• Canadian resident

Our Purpose:

“Help people with great character thrive so they can make a positive difference.”

Check out what our values, 'B.R.I.G.H.T' stands for here.

About Us:

Event Temple is a high growth technology company based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

In 2021, we were voted #1 in the world in our category.

We’re at the intersection of events, experiences and travel.

In the future, we envision a world with more of these 3 things, not less.

We want to help hotels and venues win, and we need your help to make that happen.

Friendly co-workers
Office in downtown Vancouver (Gastown)
Health and dental benefits
Casual dress code (obv.)
Competitive compensation
Work from Home / Remote friendly
Building a company and being a part of a success story

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