Executive Assistant - Waro, Gloucester Comte

Canada, Nouveau-brunswick, Gloucester Comte
Last update 2024-05-22
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Executive Assistant - Waro, Gloucester Comte
Canada, Nouveau-brunswick, Gloucester Comte,
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Job Summary
Under the direction of the Regional Director (RD), the Executive Assistant (EA) provides a variety of administrative, coordinating and logistical services to the RD’s office. The incumbent also coordinates meetings and travel for visitors coming to the regional office.

The Executive Assistant needs to maintain an in-depth knowledge of IDRC in order to respond or re-direct general requests for information and liaise with other offices of the Centre, and representatives from other institutions. The incumbent ensures his or her work efficiently and effectively provides administrative services in the RD’s office by taking advantage of the electronic information management systems in place (ex.: Share Point, Outlook, etc.). The incumbent uses tact and diplomacy when dealing with every employee and external stakeholder and also performs his/her work by respecting confidentiality of information as well as IDRC policies and procedures, which include living up to IDRC’s code of conduct.

Primary Duties and responsibilities
Administrative Support to the Regional Director's Office
Manage the day-to-day operational and administrative activities of the Regional Director by organizing the flow of work, prioritising incoming requests, maintaining a control system by using corporate electronic tools and systems in place, and following-up to ensure timely response.
Set and monitor the Regional Director’s schedule by planning his/her agenda, booking appointments, meetings, travel, holidays, absence notifications, etc. The incumbent needs to be vigilant regarding time management to efficiently support the RD. Time is often of the essence.
Screen correspondence, respond to requests for non-technical information by correspondence and on the phone, draft correspondence on general inquiries for the Regional Director’s signature, assemble and summarize information necessary for preparing a reply by the Regional Director.
Answer and screen telephone calls, provide routine and general information, redirect calls and correspondence to the appropriate person, as required.
Proactively, obtain, compile and extract information from files, Centre databases, and other sources, or as requested by the Regional Director, in preparation for meetings and management bilaterals and to provide information to internal and external audiences.
Follow corporate guidelines in maintaining confidential records for the Regional Director as well as country agreements between IDRC and countries in the region. Use available information technologies to prepare confidential correspondence relating to personnel and other sensitive matters within the office, distribute it to those assigned to receive it, ensuring reception, especially by those recipients in the office.
Record administrative actions and decisions on the files which the Regional Director manages, take note of follow-up actions required, file documents electronically (or in hard copy when there are no alternatives), maintain control system of decisions and follow-ups by taking advantage of corporate management information management systems (Share Point, etc.).
At the request of the Regional Director, extract from corporate systems tracking reports on project completion reports (PCR) for which the Regional Director is responsible (i.e. Flex Fund Programming) and assist in following up on due and overdue PCRs with the relevant POs, ensuring the RD reviews and approves the completed PCRs, files them in Share Point and records closure in the corporate grant management information system. Distributes completed PCRs on behalf of the RD, as required.
Perform other duties in accordance with instructions from the Regional Director and share the workload with other IDRC employees when the need arises
Meeting and Travel Coordination
Plan and organize the RD’s travel within and outside the country by using the corporate travel authorization system, which forwards to the travel agency a request for itineraries and fare options; determining tentative travel costs, selecting the most cost-effective option; reminding the RD to submit the travel request for the Vice-President’s approval; liaising with the travel agency for the issuance of airplane tickets, hotel bookings, local transportation etc., discussing and solving any logistical issues. These tasks have to be performed within a specific timeframe to ensure that travel plans are respected.
Arrange meetings locally or at the travel destination and ensure the Director has all necessary documents and information for all meetings; when travelling ensure the availability of all relevant travel documents (flight itinerary, meeting agenda(s), documents, presentations etc.), arrange local transportation and map out routing.
Prepare, reconcile and review travel expense claims for the RD by applying all provisions of the IDRC travel policy and gathering all documentation supporting travel expenses. Inform the RD when the expense report is ready and he or she can submit it for approval.
Following the procedures prepared by the Finance and Administration Division, assist the Office of the Vice-President, Resources in compiling the RD’s travel and hospitality expenses for public disclosure on IDRC’s web site. Submit the disclosure documents to the Office of the Vice-President, Resources for approval and onward transmission to the webmaster.
With an in-depth knowledge of the Centre travel policy and procedures, review for compliance travel expenses of POs who report to the RD for his/her approval. Seek interpretation as necessary from the Finance and Administration Division in Ottawa.
Receive from the travel authorization system notifications of IDRC employees and sponsored travelers coming to the region and inform the RD. Do likewise regarding the travel plans of program officers based in the office.
Make necessary arrangements for meetings called for by the Regional Director, book rooms, draft agenda, compile, distribute background documentation, and act as recording secretary for such meetings as required by taking, synthesizing, preparing and disseminating notes and maintaining committee files.
Demonstrate flexibility in undertaking special assignments for the Director such as the coordination of events, receptions, special meetings and other activities as assigned by the Regional Director.
Provide administrative and logistical arrangements for visitors coming in the office for various meetings, conferences, communications activities, etc., by making initial contact with participants for travel arrangements, booking hotels, organizing ground transportation, arranging appointments, compiling and providing information or relevant materials, drafting agenda, compiling, editing and distributing documentation for meetings, solving logistical issues during meetings, taking notes and following-up on action plans.
No supervision

Job details:

Job type: Full time
Contract type: Permanent
Salary type: Monthly
Occupation: Executive assistant - waro

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