Product Marketing Lead, Canada, Knowhow

Canada, Canada
Published 2022-07-18
Expires 2022-08-18
ID #1089919809
Product Marketing Lead, Canada, Knowhow
Canada, Canada,
Published July 18, 2022

Job details:

Job type: Full time
Contract type: Permanent
Salary type: Monthly
Occupation: Product marketing lead

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As a fast-growing software company, KnowHow is looking for a Product Marketing Lead to pioneer KnowHow’s marketing and communications to current and future customers as we pursue our vision of building the operating system for the global Blue Collar workforce. You’ll create and execute on marketing strategies that educate leaders in the construction industry on how they can become more process-driven as a company, and how KnowHow is the best software in the industry to facilitate this. Candidates must be creative self-starters who have created dynamic campaigns that span platforms and are skilled in every aspect of content creation.

What You’ll Do:
Develop an expert understanding of KnowHow’s customers, diving deep into their pains, and how KnowHow can help them become more process-driven
Identify product marketing campaigns and initiatives that continue to position KnowHow as a leading authority on helping restoration companies grow and scale
Plan and create a comprehensive ecosystem of videos, webinars, blog articles and social posts that educate users on how KnowHow can radically transform their hiring, professional development, job management, and employee satisfaction
Work with industry experts to create and promote over a thousand world-class industry step-by-step templates
Identify KnowHow’s passionate power-users and create incentive programs that reward them for sharing their expertise with others in the industry
Create and promote customer testimonials and new KnowHow features on relevant platforms

What You’ll Already Have:
5 years experience in consumer-driven content marketing and strategy, including video, social media, articles, and more
High-ownership, understanding your goals, and proactively finding opportunities to execute
Strong video editing and copywriting skills
An analytical orientation, leveraging reporting metrics and engagement to inform decision-making
Experience working with blue collar workforces is an asset
Strong growth mindset and intellectual curiosity, with a willingness to learn, flex into new areas, and continuously improve

About KnowHow

Vision: At KnowHow we are building the operating system for the global Blue Collar workforce. 

Today, KnowHow is a mobile-first software platform that helps labor-intensive companies become process-driven organizations. With KnowHow, labor-intensive companies are able to standardize operations in every department and provide their workforces with a single source of truth for all company how-to. KnowHow streamlines onboarding and training, eliminates worker errors, and enables supervisors, managers and owners to take back over 40% of their time.  Companies using KnowHow scale faster, more profitably with less stress. 

With a primary focus on the US-Market, KnowHow’s customer base is growing rapidly. Customers include industry-leading brands, and KnowHow is quickly being regarded as a unique disruptor in its target markets. 

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, KnowHow is a funded software company, backed by leading Canadian Investors. KnowHow’s growing team is fully remote, providing flexibility and enabling the company to choose the most talented team members, regardless of their location in Canada. 

KnowHow is owned by Manifest Labs, an award-winning, early-stage software company based in Calgary, Alberta.

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